Eagles are a common sight in Delta. They use the tall trees that grow at the edge of Burns Bog to build their nests and hunt for food. In winter, lots of eagles show up in Delta to roost. 

The most common eagle seen in Burns Bog is the Bald Eagle, but scientists have also found the Golden Eagle. Eagles eat fish from the Fraser River and Boundary Bay. They also eat birds like seagulls and ducks, as well as small mammals, snakes and turtles.

Eagle Rescue

One of the baby eagles pictured above fell out of his nest a few years ago and broke his wing.  Metro Vancouver bird experts came to the rescue. They captured the bird and brought him to OWL for help.

Within a few months, his wing was as good as new. He was given a tag on his leg, so we could identify him again in the future, and released back into the bog.

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