Heritage Conservation & Protection

Heritage Protection

The following heritage "tools" may be used by Delta to protect heritage properties that are receiving, or, in the case of a heritage conservation area, are eligible to receive, heritage incentives. The incentives and level of heritage protection are negotiated on a site-by-site basis.

Heritage Conservation Covenant

  • Legal protection, registered on title under Section 219 of the Land Title Act.
  • A contractual agreement between property owner and municipality.
  • Used where the incentive allowed does not affect land use and density.
  • May contain regulations and conditions that require the owner to obtain a heritage alteration permit.

Heritage Conservation Area

Heritage Conservation Areas are areas defined in the Official Community Plan (OCP) for the purpose of preserving and enhancing heritage character. Four Heritage Conservation areas are envisioned in Ladner. The first one, Ladner Conservation Area 1 (LHCA1 - Schedule E on Delta's OCP) was established in 1995. A process is currently underway to establish a HCA for Arthur Drive. In Heritage Conservation Areas, heritage alteration permits are required prior to making changes to land or structures and proposals must meet guidelines in the OCP.

Heritage Revitalization Agreement

  • Legal protection, registered on title under Section 219 of the Land Title Act.
  • May vary any municipal requirement, including zoning, land use, density, subdivision, landscaping, servicing requirements, development cost charges and fees.
  • Public hearing required if land use or density affected.
  • May set regulations and conditions that require the owner to obtain a heritage alteration permit.

Heritage Alteration Permit

May be required before development, including alterations, is permitted if the property is subject to a heritage covenant, heritage revitalization agreement, municipal designation bylaw, heritage conservation area bylaw, or a temporary protection order or bylaw.

  • Can include requirements for landscaping, siting, form, exterior design and timing of construction.
  • Approval by Council, or, in the case of any "minor heritage alteration permit" program, by Council's delegate.

Temporary Protection

Council may approve a temporary protection order for up to 60 days if it considers that heritage property might be adversely affected by a development application. Council can enact temporary protection bylaws if it intends to designate a heritage property or protect if as a heritage conservation area. It can also introduce a temporary protection control period of a year for the purposes of heritage area planning.

The Harris Barn

The Harris Barn project was realized in May 2012 when the historic barn was dismantled and moved to 4140 Arthur Drive, the site of Kirkland House since 1911, to be reconstructed. The project is an example of Delta's dedication to preserving our heritage.

Heritage Hangar

The Boundary Bay Airport Heritage Hangar is a very large Second World War-era, heavy timber frame, bow-arched structure. The Heritage Hangar recently underwent significant heritage restoration work to ensure that it continues to safely function as a hangar for years to come.

Nesbitt House

The Nesbitt House restoration project is a collaborative effort by The City of Delta and The Province of British Columbia. The residence has been relocated from North Delta to Ladner Harbour Park, where the house will be restored and used as a caretaker’s residence.

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