How Delta Supports Agriculture


Agriculture is vital to Delta's economic, environmental and social sustainability. Delta is committed to support our local food producers by investing in vital infrastructure and helping raise awareness of the origin of our food. You can support local agriculture by buying and eating local, or by growing your own food.

Project Pickle

project-pickleProject Pickle chronicles agri-literacy programs with K-12 learners on student-built school neighbourhood farms. For more information check out:

Delta supports the local agricultural community through a variety of means:

  • env-irrigationThe Delta Irrigation Enhancement Project was implemented by the Province as part of the South Fraser Perimeter Road Project. The aim of the Project is to increase agricultural productivity through enhanced irrigation water supply capacity that satisfies future demands, enhances water quality (salinity), and improves reliability of the water supply. By mid-2014 a substantial portion of the system was completed by the Province and Delta initiated operations of the system.
    Learn more here.
  • Approximately 61 km of dike protects Delta’s lowlands and the majority of Delta’s farms. Over the years, Delta has made considerable investment in diking and drainage infrastructure. Learn more about infrastructure and Delta’s Flood Protection Strategy.
  • Significant investment in transportation infrastructure has occurred in Delta to enhance the mobility of goods and people which directly benefits farm operations. Improvements include the South Fraser Perimeter Road, over passes at 28 Ave, 34B, 80 St and a pre-emption signal at 72 St.
  • Since 2007, crop signs have been posted in the spring on farmers’ fields to identify the crop they are cultivating. The Crop Identification Sign Program was established to promote agricultural awareness and approximately 28 signs were installed in 2015.
  • Delta’s Agricultural Plan
  • Delta's Agricultural Adaptation Plan

Farm Vehicle Awareness

Please be reminded that farm vehicles have the right-of-way on roads and dikes. Also, we ask that you refrain from entering private farmlands, littering or allowing pets on farmers' fields. By respecting private farmland you are supporting local agriculture and wildlife habitats!

How You Can Support Local Agriculture

env-agriculture-supportFarms & Wineries

Delta is home to an abundance of farms and wineries that make eating local easy and fun. Delta farms cover a wide range of product. You can find herbs, honey, berries and fruits, winter and summer vegetables, meats and seafood, and wineries–everything you need for fresh, local, affordable and delicious meals.

If you're looking for something to do on a sunny weekend, head out for a bike ride or drive to check out some of our farms and wineries. Look for Delta farm stand signs to point you in the right direction.

Farmers Markets

To make it even easier to eat local, the farms come to you in one convenient place at Delta farmers markets. Visit the Ladner Village Market, Western Canada's largest open air market, or the Tsawwassen Saturday Market at the Earthwise Farm & Garden. You will find fresh-baked goods, chocolate, seasonal produce, local meats and cheese, and handmade jewelry and crafts.

Community Gardens

Delta encourages our residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables when possible. If you do not have an area to grow your own garden, there are several local not-for-profit organizations that operate community garden plot programs available to residents.

McKitrick Garden is a Delta environmental initiative. Located in North Delta, it offers gardeners the opportunity to harvest their own product from native plantings.

Grow Your Own Garden

If you want to grow your own garden, but are not sure where to start or would like some tips on sustainable gardening, we can help you!

From March to September each year, Delta offers a series of free gardening workshops for Delta residents to learn about composting, vegetable gardening and natural pest control. For more information, contact the Engineering department at 604-946-3260 or

Foreign Farm Workers Information

Are you a farm worker from another country currently working in Delta? Find helpful contact information to support you during your work and stay.
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    Did you know that over half of BC's green beans & potatoes are grown in Delta?

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