Mexico City Pact

On November 21, 2010, Mayor Lois E. Jackson attended the United Cities and Local Government World Congress and World Mayors Summit on Climate in Mexico City, as part of a Metro Vancouver delegation. The Summit was held to discuss social, economic and environmental issues applicable to cities around the world.

At the Summit, Mayor Jackson signed the Mexico City Pact on behalf of the City of Delta. The Mexico City Pact is a voluntary pact intended to send a message to the global community that addressing climate change is of significant importance and that local governments play a major role in carrying out related climate action. To summarize, the Pact states that:

  • Cities have a strategic role to play with respect to designing and implementing climate action strategies.
  • Signatories agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, implement mitigation measures, develop adaptation strategies and register inventories, commitments and results in the carbonn Climate Registry (cCR).


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