What is Trees for Tomorrow?

Trees for Tomorrow is a program that invites Delta homeowners to request one or two trees to be planted on municipal property, immediately adjacent to the side and/or front of your property. You get to choose the tree(s), and as long as the chosen tree is a suitable fit for the property, Delta will purchase and plant it for you! We need all participants to commit to watering the new trees after planting, as this is an essential part of the program's success.

Trees for Tomorrow supports Delta's commitment to increasing our tree canopy coverage throughout the City to help mitigate carbon emissions and make Delta's natural environment more resilient to the effects of climate change. Trees play critical environmental and social roles in our communities: they clean the air, absorb rainwater, reduce air temperatures, provide bird habitat, and improve our health and well-being.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a tree or trees that you would like planted from the list of eligible trees (3 MB)
  2. Complete the Trees for Tomorrow application form (483 KB)
  3. Mail, fax, scan and email, or drop off the application form as noted on the form
  4. Delta staff will ensure the site is suitable for the tree(s) you've chosen and you will be called if there are any concerns
  5. Delta staff will contact BC One Call and confirm there are no utility conflicts
  6. Delta staff will plant the tree, stabilize it and provide additional soil as required
  7. You will water and care for the tree(s) as directed and let Delta know if any concerns arise.

What kinds of trees can be planted?

Delta has selected a variety of species eligible for this program. They were chosen based on four main attributes:

  • Will thrive in our climate
  • Easy maintenance
  • Provide maximum tree canopy
  • Good street trees

For more information, please contact or 604-946-3260.

Trees for Tomorrow is a partnership between the Province of British Columbia and City of Delta.

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