Invasive Insects

Japanese Beetles

Have you seen Japanese Beetles in Delta? You can report any instances to the Canadian Food Investigation Agency at 1-800-442-2342, or via their online form. Learn more about these invasive insects.

Invasive insects are insects that have been introduced to a country or region, deliberately or by accident, outside of their natural habitat. If environmental conditions are satisfactory and a food source or host is available, introduced insects can often survive, multiply and spread. A lack of natural enemies and disease in their new location is often an important factor in their survival, allowing their population to increase unchecked. (above photo credit: Sean McCann)

What's Delta Doing?

Invasive Species Management Strategy

During the April 11, 2016 regular meeting, Council endorsed Delta’s Invasive Species Management Strategy.  The Strategy provides a framework of how Delta will evaluate, reduce and mitigate the impacts of invasive species on our environment, economy, and society.  The Strategy is divided up in three sections, with goals and action items under each: 1) strategic management, including prevention, mapping and inventory, early detection, and rapid response; 2) control and restoration: regulations, monitoring and replanting; and 3) education and collaboration. View the staff report and the Strategy 

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