Development Cost Charges

Development cost charges are fees collected from land developers by the City of Delta to offset the infrastructure costs associated with new development. The charges provide a means to finance capital roads, drainage, sewer, and water projects as well as to fund parkland acquisition and development. Development cost charges are applied as a one-time charge to developers against residential, commercial, industrial, and intensive agricultural developments. They are collected from the developer at the time of subdivision approval or at the time that a building permit is issued. 

Since sanitary and water services are provided by Metro Vancouver, the City of Delta also collects development cost charges on behalf of the regional district to pay for sanitary trunk lines, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment plant expansion.  See Metro Vancouver's DCC website for more information.

In May 2018, the provincial government passed legislation enabling TransLink to levy a new region-wide development cost charge to fund certain types of transit and regional transportation capital projects related to growth. As a result, the City of Delta is also collecting development cost charges on behalf of TransLink for applicable projects. See TransLink’s DCC website for more information.

Delta Development Cost Charges
Bylaw 7560, 2017

In early 2017, staff undertook a review of Delta’s DCC Program and recommended that a major revision be undertaken.  The revision was needed to overhaul the DCC project list so that it is better aligned with future growth projections and reflects current construction costs. 

In 2017, Delta’s Development Cost Charge Program underwent a comprehensive review to ensure it accurately addressed the infrastructure and park requirements associated with growth.  The proposed development cost charge rates went through a public consultation process and no feedback was received.  Delta Council adopted Delta Development Cost Charges Bylaw 7560, 2017 on February 5, 2018.  New development cost charge rates come into effect on February 6, 2018.  

In-stream Development Applications

For projects with subdivision or building permit applications that were received before February 6, 2018, DCCs will be charged based on the rates in the Delta Development Cost Charge Imposition Bylaw No. 5830, 2000, provided that: 

  • Applications are submitted to the satisfaction of the City of Delta;
  • Associated application fees have been paid; and
  • The subdivision or building permit is completed/issued on or before February 6, 2019.  

For projects with DCCs payable at time of building permit, the rates in Delta Development Cost Charge Imposition Bylaw No. 5830, 2000 would also still apply if a complete precursor application (e.g. development permit application or rezoning application) was received before February 6, 2018, with all application fees paid in full, and the required building permit is issued on or before February 6, 2019. 

Applicants have the option to proceed under the new bylaw, if they agree in writing that Delta Development Cost Charges Bylaw 7560 should have effect.

Please review the Delta’s Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 7560, 2017 Background Report for more information.

Development Cost Charge Rates

Roads Drainage Sanitary Water Parks Total Units
Low Density $3,187
$1,643 $337 $398 $6,377 $11,942 per dwelling units
Townhouse $1,806 $890 $263 $311 $4,982
$8,252 per dwelling units
Apartment $1,753 $548 $179 $211 $3,388
$6,079 per dwelling units
Congregate Care $664
$546 $148 $174 $1,423 $2,955 per sleeping unit
Commercial $20.71 $5.28 $1.37 $1.12 - $28.48
per mgross floor area
$53,112 $36,959 $6,775 $5,595 - $102,441 ha gross site
Industrial - Annacis $53,112 - - - - $53,112 ha gross site
Agriculture - Intensive $7,436 $10,266 - $5,595
- $23,297 ha gross site

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