Development Cost Charges

Development Cost Charges (DCCs) are fees collected from land developers by the Corporation of Delta to offset some of the infrastructure service expenditures incurred from new development. The charges are intended to support development by providing a means to finance capital projects related to roads, drainage, sewers, water and parkland. DCCs are applied as a one-time charge against residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and intensive agricultural developments. They are collected from the developer at the time of subdivision approval or at the time that a building permit is issued.

The Corporation of Delta also collects DCCs on behalf of Metro Vancouver to pay for new sanitary sewer works including trunk lines, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment plant expansion. See Metro Vancouver's DCC website for more information.

2017 Development Cost Charge Bylaw Review

The Corporation of Delta is undertaking a major revision of Delta Development Cost Charges Imposition Bylaw No. 5830, 2000 as amended, in order to add, amend and remove projects on Delta’s Development Cost Charge (DCC) project list. A comprehensive DCC amendment has not occurred in Delta for more than fifteen years – this amendment will define capital projects needed to accommodate projected growth over the next ten years and ensures that DCCs reflect the increased costs of construction.

The technical background work for the amendment is complete and it is anticipated that a bylaw will be brought before Delta Council in early Spring 2017. After first and second reading, The Corporation of Delta will invite interested parties to comment on the proposed DCC rates. Following consultation, a revised DCC bylaw will be brought before Council for third reading and final adoption by late Spring 2017.

If you have any questions regarding Delta’s DCC major revision, or would like more information regarding the public consultation process, please contact Paula Kolisnek, Senior Policy Analyst at 604-952-3142 or

Delta Development Cost Charges Imposition Bylaw 5830, 2000 - Minor Amendment

The Corporation of Delta has undertaken a minor amendment of Delta Development Cost Charges Imposition Bylaw No. 5830, 2000 in order to add, amend and remove several projects from the DCC project list. At the February 18, 2013 Regular Council meeting, Delta Development Cost Charges Imposition Bylaw No. 5830 2000, Amendment Bylaw No. 7085, 2012 was considered and adopted by Council (view Council Report). The overall impact of this amendment to DCC rates is minimal - rate increases range from 1%-2% with the exception of Institutional rates which will increase by 8%. The 2013 DCC rates take effect on February 19, 2013 for all new development applications. Please review Section 4 of Delta Development Cost Charges Imposition Bylaw No. 5830, 2000 for the effective dates of in-stream applications.

DCC Rates

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