Home Owner Grants

Home owner grants are available to individuals who are Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents. A home owner is entitled to the grant if they occupy an eligible residence as their principal residence.

If you are eligible for the home owner grant, the completed application is due by the property tax due date to avoid a penalty on the grant amount.

  • The City of Delta provides residents the ability to electronically submit their Home Owner Grants (eHog)
  • To apply online for the grant, enter the folio number and access code shown at the top left corner of the Property Tax Notice
  • If you have recently purchased the property, and your name does not appear on the Property Tax Notice, please contact the Taxation Office at 604-946-3235 to acquire a new one. The access code is invalid if your name does not appear on the notice

Maximum grant amounts:

  • Basic Grant: $570
  • Additional Grant: $845 (65 years of age or over, or otherwise qualifying)

Grant reduction:

  • The grant is reduced by $5 for every $1,000 of residential assessed value in excess of $1,600,000. It is eliminated at $1,714,000 for the basic grant and at $1,769,000 for the additional grant.

Please note:

  • You are responsible for the completion of the grant application
  • The grant must be claimed each year by December 31
  • If property taxes are paid by a mortgage company, you are still responsible to submit the grant each year
  • The grant can be claimed even if you are not making a payment
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