Boulevard Landscaping

Boulevard Landscaping Requirements

  • Boulevard maintenance is the responsibility of the land owner.
  • Landscaping other than grass may not encroach within 1.5m of a sidewalk or walkway or the adjacent edge of pavement, where there are no curbs.
  • Tree canopy may not be lower than 2.5m above a sidewalk.
  • Landscaping within 9m of an intersection must not exceed 1.0m in height.
  • Landscaping must not obstruct the movement of pedestrian, cycle or vehicle traffic and must not interfere with sight lines at intersections.
  • Boulevards are municipal property and are not to be paved.

If you have questions, please contact Engineering at 604-946-3260 or by email.

Parking on the Boulevard

Parking on boulevards is not permitted. If you see illegal parking on the boulevard, contact the Delta Police at 604-946-4411.

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