Parks and Recreation Safety Tips

Check out Delta's many scenic trails for walking, hiking, biking, in-line skating and horseback riding.

Protect yourself! Whether you are trying out new moves at the skatepark, biking trails or in-line skating, Delta's Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission policy on the use of safety gear applies when you are using parks and recreation facilities in Delta. The policy is:

Activity Required Protection
Bicycling Helmet
Bicycling passengers riding in a seat,
trailer or any device attached to a bicycle
Skateboarding Helmet
In-Line Skating Helmet
Boating, kayaking, canoeing Flotation Device


Activity Suggested Protection
Runners in inclement weather and at night Reflective clothing
Skateboarding Wrist, elbow and knee protection
In-Line skating Wrist, elbow and knee protection
Public ice skating Helmet


Team sports using Delta's parks, fields, lacrosse boxes and arenas operate under the guidelines of provincial and national sport governing bodies and will continue to follow the required equipment for those sports.

The intent of the policy is to prevent injuries and promote safe play. Most sports injuries are due to either traumatic injury or overuse of muscles or joints. Medical experts say that many sports injuries can be prevented by following a few simple rules:

  • Wear Protective Equipment - This will vary depending on the sport of choice.
  • Understand the Equipment - If the sport requires using different items, make sure players know how they function. For example, know what size of flotation device is required and how to adjust it to fit properly.
  • Select the Proper Shoes - Wear appropriate shoes for the sport or activity and replace them when they're worn or damaged.
  • Take Lessons - If players don't completely understand their sport, they should be encouraged to take lessons or ask an expert for advice. Using proper form can help to prevent many "overuse" sports injuries.

Look for bike safety in the Spring and Summer Leisure Guides. Enjoy Delta parks and play safely with the proper safety gear!

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