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Brie and Gouda

Fancy mice, Females, Young (DOB: March 2019)

Young. (Born March 2019)

Brie and Gouda were purchased from a pet store a few months ago.

They're at the shelter looking for an owner who has a bit more time to spend handling and socializing them. Currently both mice are quite friendly and aren't yet nippy so a dedicated family will likely be able to socialize them in to lovely pets.   Mice aren't a first time pet unless you're very comitted. Cages need to be cleaned and maintained fully otherwise they quickly become smelly and unhygenic. Proper diets need to be provided to ensure the mice continue to grow into healthy adults.   

If you're interested in adopting pet mice - ask staff for more details today!

Fancy Mice only live for 18-30 months – much shorter then your standard house pet so we would love to find these ladies a home ASAP so they can enjoy their time with a family!


  • Name: Julia
    Age: Senior, 12 years old 
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