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Domestic Short Hair, Black and White, Neutered Male, 4 years old 

Adult, Approx. 4 years old 

 Danny came to the shelter as a cat who has a personality larger than life itself! He had many wounds, dirty fur and a few broken teeth. Now on the mend, we discovered that Danny may have thought of himself as a tough guy previously but has realized the affections of people aren’t so bad. Danny was a bit of a bad boy in his youth, and was caught in several cat fights. Sometimes he won, and sometimes he lost. Due to his past, Danny contracted FIV* from a bite from another cat, and that means he should stay indoors to prevent passing it on to other cats. Danny’s favorite thing to do is stretch out on the couch alongside his favorite person and watch the newest releases on TV. He seems to be a one or two person kind of cat, and bonds to his choice of “cat people” who understand him best.



*FIV is a cat only virus that doesn’t affect humans in any way. Cats with FIV can live a full and healthy life as long as routine veterinary care is maintained and should Danny ever become ill, prompt treatment will be strongly recommended, as his immune system won’t be as strong as a regular cat. Typically, Danny could live with other FIV positive cat, but we suspect Danny would prefer to live on his own, his large personality also makes us think young children and dogs won’t be in Danny’s future.


  • Name: Julia
    Age: Senior, 12 years old 
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