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    American Pitbul Terrier, Blue brindle and white, Spayed female 

Adult (Approximately 3 years old)

Gucci has never met a human she didn't love. This chill girl is looking for a good fireplace to sleep in front of on weekdays and a hiking partner on weekends. She is slowly learning how to greet dogs the right way and could possibly live with another dog. She is an extremely food motivated people pleaser. Even though her food is hypoallergenic she gobbles it up like it's the best thing on Earth. She would like her next family to help her brush up on her basic manners (it's hard when you are excited all the time), and play fun games that involve toys or food. Her favourite outside activity is to chaise bunnies, so a home with out small animals or cats would probably be best for her. If you are interested in adopting Gucci please come down to the shelter and meet her!


PROSPECTIVE OWNER PROFILE:                                  OTHER ANIMALS:

                                                                                   ●   No small animals  

●   Teen children only                                                   ●   Not Cat Suitable                           

   Sporting activity suitable                                         ●   No Dogs in Home

●   Jogging/Running partner                                          

   Quiet household environment                                                  

●   Adult Individual or Couple Ok                     


  • Name: Boo Boo
    Age: Senior, (Approximately 12 years old)
  • Name: Gamma & Omega
    Age: Adult, (Approximately 1.5 years old)
  • Name: Gucci
    Age: Adult (Approximately 3 years old)
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