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Domestic Short Hair, Grey Tabby, Spayed female, 12 years old 

Senior, 12 years old 

Julia is a sweet, quiet senior gal who really shouldn't be spending her days here at a shelter! She does take full advantage of our facilities though, and can often be found sunning herself in our Meet & Greet room. She enjoys her solo suite here but would prefer to be in a home where she can spend some time with a new owner who will appreciate her gentle demeanor!

We think she would like a quiet home where she can lounge around doing very important kitty things, like napping and bird watching. She Julia is on medication for arthritis to keep her comfortable. She likes to take each day slow and steady!

Update: May 28, 2019

Julia the cat has been homeless for more than 600 days.

That’s close to 10 years in human time – far too long for any animal to spend at the Delta Community Animal Shelter.

A short-haired tabby, Julia has been at the shelter longer than any other cat - May 18, 2019 marked her 600th day in care.

“We’re not sure why Julia hasn’t found her forever home,” says shelter manager Ryan Voutilainen. “She’s 13 years old, which is senior for a cat, but she’s playful and affectionate once she gets to know you, and she’s perfectly healthy and polite.”

Voutilainen notes that while shelter care is excellent, and Julia gets lots of attention from staff and volunteers, it’s still no replacement for a loving forever family to dote on Julia and give her the life she deserves.

“Our shelter was never intended to replace the comfort and stability of a real home,” says Voutilainen. “Julia just needs someone to give her a chance.”

Staff and volunteers have been trying hard to find Julia her forever home. In a stroke of public relations genius, they have developed a publicity campaign around her unfortunate milestone, including proclaiming every Thursday as Julia Day.

The campaign has even featured a special Q&A with Julia for “Catelaine” magazine, in which Julia describes, among other things, her biggest pet peeve (when her breakfast is a few minutes late), her relationship status (she’s lived with dogs and cats but prefers sole human companionship) and her favourite luxury item (her heated bed).

They’ve also generated attention on social media for Julia, and earned her a piece in The Daily Hive, Vancouver’s online magazine.

“She’s becoming famous like her other namesakes – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Child, Julia Stiles, Julia Roberts – so her new family, whoever they are, should know they have a star on their hands,” quips Voutilainen, who credits DCAS staff for their creativity in raising Julia’s profile.


  • Name: Julia
    Age: Senior, 12 years old 
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