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Golden Labrador Retriever Mix, Spayed Female, 7 years old, 

Adult, 7 years old 

Every girl needs a best friend and unfortunately, Lola lost hers. Lola is a special girl that has wiggled her way into the hearts of all of our staff. She may have a tough exterior but she is truly a gentle soul. She would love nothing more than to play with her ball and lie at your feet. She is not a high-energy dog and would pick leisurely walks or some backyard fetch and cuddles over a run. We would almost call her the perfect dog but she is nervous of new people, men especially, and can be quite vocal to voice her fear. Sweet Lola has taken several field trips to a staff member’s home where she was the most polite houseguest. She lovingly hopped up on the couch and bed, not without an invitation though! She took a drink from the garden hose and romped around in the swimming pool. If this is any indication, she’s definitely a swimmer! Lola would love to have her people nearby and might even become your new shadow. An ideal home for her would be in a quiet home with someone who wants a loyal companion without expectation of her to need to meet many new people. She’s ready to meet her new best friend!


  • Name: Lola

    Adult, 7 years old 

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