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Domestic Short Hair, Black, Spayed Female, Approx. 16 years old 

Senior, Approx. 16 years old 

“Lovely Rita, meter maid nothing can come between us.”

 Rita is a chatty old lady and there is nothing cuter then her sweet little “meows”. Rita is an easy girl, it doesn’t take much more than a warm bed to keep her happy.

 Her favourite things include sunbathing in the safety of our enclosed catio and being fed breakfast and dinner in bed. Rita’s thick coat often needs some brushing and you’ll find only a few strokes in her motor of a purr is still ready to rumble. Cuddling with Rita often results in her drooling all over your hand to show her affections. 

 Our petite senior lady is looking for a nice retirement home where she can live out her days loving her family curled up in a nice comfy spot on the couch.


  • Name: Julia
    Age: Senior, 12 years old 
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