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Labrador X Pointer, 6 months old, Neutered Male

Puppy, 6 months old 

Tripp is a bouncing ball of energy, and the only thing moving faster than his legs is his brain. Tripp is very intelligent and so very affectionate. Sometimes even too much for his own good! He requires some work on his “good boy” manners, but loves to learn and engage!
Tripp has had a rocky start to life and struggles in certain situations. He would appreciate someone who can help to boost his confidence in a positive, slow and gentle manner. Tripp has shown some anxious behavior when being left to his lonesome and would benefit from a guardian who has lots of time to spend with him.
This sleek and slender feller is very active and agile, he would likely thrive in a dog sport or something to keep that brain busy and body moving.
We are still learning how Tripp behaves with other animals, but given his young age and sweet manner – we think he may adjust to having some fury friends.

If you have lots of time to spend and would enjoy showing Tripp how to enjoy the world, ask staff to learn more about him!