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Annual dog licences are due by December 31. Click here for more information and Frequently Asked Questions on dog licensing in Delta.

Bylaw Enforcement

Some of the duties of the City of Delta's Animal Control Officer is to ensure the safety of the public, to respond to animals in need, to rescue wildlife, to reconnect lost animals with their owners and to ensure animal owners are being responsible and caring for their pets. See a list of common complaints below:

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  • Common Concerns & Complaints

Standards of Animal Care in Delta

Delta's Animal Control Bylaw ensures that dogs and other pets are treated humanely. Please see the full list of outlined standards of care:

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  • Standards of Animal Care in Delta

Park Patrolling

All parks within Delta require that dogs be leashed at all times. Delta Community Animal Shelter regularly patrols these parks. The fine for a dog being unleashed in a Delta park is $125.00. View full list of off-leash dog parks in Delta.

Tsawwassen First Nations Enforcement

The Delta Community Animal Shelter is contracted by the Tsawwassen First Nation Council to enforce their Animal Control Bylaw and assist in promoting quality animal care within their community.

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