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Katie Needs Our Help!

Katie is a sweet senior cat who was surrendered to the shelter with thyroid and dental disease. Your donations will ensure Katie gets the treatment she needs to have a healthy adoption! Make a tribute to Katie; no amount is too small.

History of the Tollie Fund

Delta Animal Shelter Tollie Fund

In 2008, DCAS set a goal to raise money to help a very fun-loving 11 month old puppy living in the shelter that required an expensive knee surgery. Tollie had a rare condition in her knees and without surgery her long term health was unknown. Although adopters saw what a lovely dog she was, they always overlooked her because of her medical condition and the possible expense it may bring. It was determined that the only way to get her adopted was for the shelter to raise the money needed to fix her knees. Thanks to the generosity of the public Tollie received the surgery she needed to live a happy, healthy and carefree life! Soon after her surgery she was adopted and now has a loving family of her very own

We wanted to ensure every animal had a chance to have their own happy ending and we have carried the fund on to help ensure we always have the chance to give the best to the animals that need us most! The fund is now used to aid in improving the lives of the animals (to reduce stress) while they are living in the shelter and to provide medical care so an animal that requires a little more help can have a chance at adoption. The fund was started in 2009 where it helped nine (9) animals. In 2010 this carried on to helping twelve (12) animals with medical care and to purchase Hide, Perch and Go boxes for all of the cats living in the shelter. In 2011, the impact was incredible by helping a whopping eighteen (18) different animals with veterinary bills totalling over $10,000 as well as continuing on providing stress reduction items to the general population of shelter animals. This was all thanks to the generous donations of the public and a few fundraising efforts throughout the year!

Your tax deductible donation can make a difference for an animal like Tollie! Donate today. Thank you for your generosity!

Tollie Fund Recipients

  • Tollie Fund Recipients

     Khal Drogo came to the shelter in an odd predicament. He was a daddy! Male cats usually don't stick around to raise their kittens but Khal Drogo and Khalessi raised their seven kittens, then it was Khal's turn to get all fixed up for his forever home. During his neuter it was noted that Khal had some terribly sore teeth. During pre-surgical screening it was noted that Khal has a mis-shaped kidney and some early kidney disease. Khal hasn't required a huge amount of treatment (other then his extensive dental) but we'll need to monitor his kidneys until he finds his forever home! The Tollie Fund covers the cost of all of the additional care Khal Drogo needed to become the handsome adoptable boy he is!
    Girly was brought to the shelter under unfortunate circumstances. Her owner fell ill and left her in a boarding facility for almost 3 months. We were contacted to help Girly find a new family as no one was able to take over her care. Girly is definitely the sweetest and sillyest pitty! She had a few behavior modifications we had to help her with as well as quite extensive dental surgery. She had multiple complicated crown fractures and periodontal disease. Thanks to the Tollie Fund she is all fixed up and ready to go!
    Simba came to the shelter as a special needs surrender after his owner was unable to keep him due to housing concerns. Simba has "ataxia" which means he has some issues keeping his balance and footing. Simba has been a special needs kitty since birth and was born this way. His disability doesn't slow him down though (as long as the floor isn't slippery) and he moseys around his kennel and comes toddling over for affection as soon as someone is around. We have decided that due to Simba's special needs as well as his amazing calmness and love for all people, he has been officially adopted by US!! Welcome to the DCAS family Simba!!

    Miss Beethoven has had quite the tough go lately. She came to the shelter as an injured stray - she was unable to walk and had a severely infected ear resulting in an inner ear infection. After months of treatment and a dental with some teeth removed she's on the mend and now able to find herself a forever home. Miss Beethoven definitely wants to be the Queen Bee as she's not fond of other animals. Give her your lap and some gentle petting and she'll purr and be your friend forever. Due to having such a bad infection for so long Miss Beethoven still sports a slight head tilt and often times is quite slow going and unstable on her feet

    Bambi is a beautiful, bouncy and happy-go-lucky gal. She came into our care after her owners realized they could no longer provide the veterinary care she needed. The Shelter fundraised for Bambi to undergo surgery to repair luxating patellas and torn cruciates in both back legs. We are so happy to say that she made a FULL recovery and is showering her new family (and EVERYONE she meets) with her sweet, thankful kisses!! 

    Molly was surrendered to the shelter after living in a backyard for a while. Unfortunately, that sort of separation from her humans everyday life and basically forcing a dog into an isolation of sorts has a tendency to cause behavioral problems. Thanks to our Tollie Fund we started an extensive medical and behavior rehabilitation program and we were able to see and identify Molly's issues from the start. After being with us for almost a full year, we are happy to say that her forever family finally came for her!!! Thank you so much to all of the staff, trainers and volunteers who helped Molly get off on the right "paw"!

    Diesel was surrendered as he was given to a friend and was not adjusting well to his new surroundings at all... thinking it was behavior his new family surrendered him to us. After a visit to Vets it turned out Diesel was suffering from asthma and had a painful, rotting mouth. After we starting hi inhaler and removed (pretty much all) of his teeth he became friendly and loving again!

    Ollie was surrendered to the shelter when his 20151212-dcas-rabbits-cats-dogs-241family fell into some trouble. He had severe flea allergy dermatitis and needed extensive medical help until he could be considered happy and healthy! Thankfully an amazing family fell in love with this quirky man and he healed quickly in his new forever home!

    Leia was found as an injured stray that was dumped at a barn in Delta. She's a very sweet cat who had a pretty nasty tail injury on arrival. During her surgery it was noticed that although currently not symptomatic, Leia has a heart murmur and an enlarged heart. At her age it is likely she has heart disease (although she would need an ultrasound to determine the type of heart disease and overall prognosis). We suspect Leia may have a shortened life span due to this and are hoping to find her a home that understands her sensitive needs, and is willing to love her and provide for her for whatever time she has. Despite her condition you would never know it as this kitten has a hollow leg (eats everything in sight) and wants to play and purr and snuggle all day long!

    Buttercup was a teeny little lass that was buttercupfound as a stray. We could not believe it when no one ever came looking for her. She had a completely rotten mouth and after extensive bloodwork, x-rays and full teeth extractions this lovely little gal got her "bounce" back and was shortly adopted!

    Kimmie was surrendered to our shelter in desperate need of care. You could see that this beautiful cat was quite the looker in younger years! It turned out her thin body and reactive personality was due to a condition called Hyper-thyroidism, and a mouth full of rotten teeth! After getting radio-active iodine treatment (which cured her Thyroid condition) and a full mouth extraction, she started to purrrrr like crazy and settled quickly into her new forever loving home! We are so thankful the Tollie Fund was able to give Miss Kimmie a second chance at life!

    Simon is a sweet older fella who hasn't lived the 13403267_10153447122186213_6826219671792347690_ogreatest life so far. He was brought to us under "curious" circumstances and in terrible condition. After extensive bloodwork and dental cleaning and extractions Simon was finally cleared for adoption! 

    Jessi was brought to the shelter as an injured stray. Jessi had fleas for quite some time; she was missing almost all of her fur believe it or not! Jessi was on the mend at the shelter when out of nowhere she stopped eating and developed a liver infection, becoming quite ill. We didn't think Jessi would pull through but after countless medications (that she took without a fuss!) we got her back to 100%! Jessi is one of the calmest cats we've ever met, her sweet nature is sure to settle the most anxious soul. Jessi loves to be talked to and will often start munching away on her kibble if someone's telling her a story. What a love!!

    Patch was found tied to a fence in the middle of the night barking in fear. Thankfully officers were called and picked him up and brought him to our shelter. Patch was covered in non-contageous mange that is caused from lack of care, dirty living environments, high stress and poor diet. Patch needed extensive behavior and medical care before we could consider finding him his forever home. After almost 3 months he was finally all clear and was adopted by his perfect home!!

    Holly came to the shelter as a well-fed stray cat that we suspect was left behind. She's a social girl who settled into the shelter pretty quickly. Shortly after her arrival she was found peeing blood and after an x-ray it was noted she had a bladder stone. Holly has since had curative surgery and now only requires a special diet to ensure she never creates a bladder stone again.

    Murphy was surrendered to the shelter as his previous family could not provide him with the care and attention he needs! Murphy was a backyard dog and unfortunately learned some bad habits. Luckily, the old saying is not true! You CAN teach an old new tricks! Murphy is turning into an awesome and well balanced guy!! Thanks to everyone who has donated, we were able to give Murphy both the behavior and medical support he needed to have the best chance at a happy and healthy life!

    Snuggles was surrendered to the shelter. Upon arrival it became very clear that she needed some medical and behavioral support. She had a successful double mastectomy, and had a new zest for life! Thanks to the Tollie Fund, Snuggles had her life saving surgery and was given a new chance to live a pain free life full of love!

    Kirby was surrendered to the shelter along with his house mate T-Bird. He was severely mutilating his back feathers and needed some TLC. After a few rounds of anti-biotics (and having to wear a birdie cone - seen in picture) he started to heal. Thankfully we were able to find a home with an experience owner who can continue his rehabilitation!

    Pokey - 150

    Pokey was found as a stray cat in North Delta. Unfortunately, Pokey was not doing well as he had a severely broken leg. The bone was actually visible and was badly infected. The veterinarian said that Pokey's leg had likely been broken for a few weeks and he had been suffering a long time. We were so grateful to the people who found him and called us so he could get the help he needed! Pokey's leg required surgery, antibiotics for many weeks, pain relief and strict cage rest. Pokey required many rechecks and x-rays but was finally adopted out with a clean bill of health. Tollie Fund donations made a difference in this boy's life and we're sure he is so appreciative of your generosity!

    Wally - 150

    Walley the rabbit was brought in by his owner as she was unable to properly care for him anymore. He had a bad infection in his mouth that turned into an abscess. Walley had surgery on his mouth and was on antibiotics for a few months. He made a full recovery (thanks to the Tollie Fund and our amazing bunny volunteers) Walley is a very social and playful bunny that was adopted and is now in a very loving home! Thanks to the Tollie Fund this adorable rabbit got a second chance at a happy and healthy life!

    Herbie was a sweet, goofy and affectionate cat that had a severe ankle injury and was found limping around Deas Island Park. Thanks to the Tollie Fund we were able to give him the care he needed without having to hesitate! Herbie was adopted shortly after and made a full recovery and didn't have to loose his leg!

    MJ was a sweet, young and bouncy German Shepherd that had been through so much in such a short time. He had a fractured hip (a very old injury that required surgery), a ruptured ear drum that required long term care, as well as a little bit of behavior modification. After a couple of months of extensive care and gentle handling, this lovely shepherd bounced back to life and became the loving house pet he so desperately wanted to be!

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