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Delta Community Animal Shelter Learning Centre

Part of the DCAS initiative is to help educate the public on animal care and support. The Learning Centre is where you will find various types of information on animal care including care sessions that we regularly conduct at the shelter.
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  • Pet Rabbit Abandonment - What are you doing until Easter 2022?
  • Backyard Dogs - The Facts
  • Barking Prevention Tips for Owners
  • Dogs - To Tie Up or Not?
  • Feline Vaccine
  • Importance of Walking Your Dog
  • New Cat Owners' Success Guide
  • New Dog Owners' Success Guide
  • Poisonous Foods for Your Pet
  • Toxic and Problem Plants for Dogs and Cats
  • Raccoons Facts and Prevention Tips
  • Tips To Prevent Skunks, Raccoons and Possums from Inhabiting Your Backyard
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