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After Hours Response

The Delta Community Animal Shelter ensures that the community of Delta and its animals are not posing a threat to themselves or others at night-time, and that injured stray animals are provided with medical care and attention when needed during the overnight hours.

Should you require emergency after hours assistance please call:

  • Delta Police Department 604-946-4411 - Dangerous or aggressive animal posing a threat to public safety
  • Delta Community Animal Shelter 604-940-7111 - Injured or sick Domestic Animals

Please note that Animal Control does not respond to Lost or Found Healthy stray animals after hours and asks that finders keep the animal safe and warm until regular business hours. Please do not hesitate to report that you have found a lost animal after hours by leaving a message on the shelter phone line 604-940-7111.

Injured or Orphaned Wildlife Concerns

The Delta Community Animal Shelter believes that our community should live in harmony with the natural environment and that each Delta resident can become empowered with the realization that they can make a difference in preserving our wildlife habitats. Please leash your dog in sensitive habitat areas so that your dog is unable to disturb the many nesting birds and wildlife in our community.

Should you find an injured or orphaned wildlife please contact one of the many wildlife care facilities available to help:

Wildlife Rescue Association: 604-526-7275
Critter Care Wildlife Society: 604-530-2064
Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL): 604-946-3171
Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic: 604-734-5104 (after hours)

Deceased Animal Pick Up

Delta Community Animal Shelter will pick up deceased pets from the owner's home and will make arrangements for cremation as per the owner's request. Animals will also be accepted at the shelter by the owner. However, the shelter does recommend consulting with your veterinarian first if you have one, as they will want to assist you with making cremation arrangements through them. In addition, your veterinarian will be able to provide you with more personalized service as they have had a relationship with your pet previously. 

Fees for deceased pet pick up and cremation are outlined in the bylaw or you can call the shelter at 604-940-7111 for more information.

Wildlife or Stray Animals

The Engineering Department will pick up deceased animals from all Delta roadways and public streets. If you require this service, please contact 604-946-5334.

Mainroad will pick up deceased animals from Delta highways. If you require this service, please call 604-271-0337.

If the animal picked up is domestic, staff will notify DCAS  so that we can attempt to contact the owner of the pet. We know the heartache related to having a pet go missing and we want to ensure owners receive emotional closure whenever possible.