Home-Based Business

If you are operating a business in Delta, even one based out of your home, you need a business licence.

The following are some examples of customary home-based businesses in single-family dwellings:

  • Barber shop or beauty parlour
  • Business telephone and mailing address of a self-employed artisan or professional person
  • Individual instruction for art, dance or music
  • Daycare centre for not more than 10 children including the children who reside on the premises
  • Manufacture of a craft as an extension of a hobby
  • Casual repairs to household appliances and equipment
  • Office only for a mail-order sales representative

Businesses operating in multiple family dwellings, including a duplex, require permission in writing from:

  • The owner and/or manager of the building
  • The occupants of the adjoining dwelling units

The following are some examples of customary home occupations in multi-family dwellings:

  • Business telephone and mailing address only for a self-employed artisan or professional person
  • Mail order sales representative
  • Self-employed accountant, business management consultant, contractor or income tax consultant


Businesses operated from residences have specific regulations. For single-family dwellings, the business shall:

  • Be completely enclosed within a building
  • Not include retail sales
  • Occupy less than 20% of the total floor area (max 50m)
  • Not discharge or create any offensive odours, noise, ground vibration, or electrical interference
  • Be conducted by the family resident on the premises and employ not more than two members
  • Not increase traffic or parking
  • Not use any mechanical equipment except such that would ordinarily be used for household purposes or hobbies

Approvals Required

Depending on the type of business that you intend to operate, the following review and/or inspections may be required prior to issuance of the licence:

  • Property Use, Building and Plumbing review for compliance with Building, Zoning, Land Use Contract, and Development Permit regulations, and any outstanding orders against the property.
  • Fire Department review of fire safety requirements and any outstanding orders against the property.
  • Provincial Medical Health Officer review is required if the business involves the preparation, distribution, and selling of foods (i.e. restaurants, grocery stores) other than pre-packaged or pre-bottled food stuffs. Approval is also required for day care and community care facilities. Approval is also required for personal services, i.e. beauty salon.
  • Provincial Motor Carrier Licencing approval is required prior to application for business licence for taxi companies and limousine services.
  • An Engineering Department review is required by an environmental control officer and may require Provincial Waste Management review or GVRD Pollution Control Permit if liquid, solid or airbourne wastes are produced.


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