Voluntary Water Metering Program

Delta's Voluntary Water Metering Program is designed to enhance the quality of life in our community and prepare for future growth. Metering is an equitable method to charge for water that is based on a user-pay system. In that respect, it is consistent with other utility commodities such as natural gas and electricity–you only pay for the amount of water you use. Water metering helps you understand how much water your family consumes, and may even help change your daily habits.

Did you know?

In this region, an average residential household of three to four people consumes approximately 270 litres of water per person per day inside the house. The chart below shows the proportion of water consumed indoors and where there are opportunities to save water.

How to Sign Up for the
Voluntary Water Metering Program

Fill out the form on the Voluntary Water Meter Brochure (759 KB) and return it to the City of Delta.

Please note: this program is designed for single-family residential dwellings only and does not include duplexes or strata units.

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