Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture 2018/2019 Strategic Work Plan


The Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture 2018/2019 Strategic Work Plan defines the role of the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department within the context of its external environment, and provides parameters that guide the management of Department resources, community assets and the working relationship between residents, volunteers, community organizations and staff.

The Strategic Work Plan is a living document and will be amended and updated annually in order to best reflect demographic shifts, changing trends, emerging Council priorities and to promote facility optimization.


Included in the Strategic Work Plan

  • What Parks, Recreation & Culture Does
  • Mandate & Principles
  • Demographic Makeup
  • Parks, Recreation & Culture Facts and Key Findings
  • Community Services with Financial Operating Implications
  • Short Term Projects (including key factors affecting project readiness)
  • Medium Term Projects
  • Long Term Projects
  • Delta by Comparison
  • Trending

Reports and Related Documents

Contact Information

For more information about the Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture 2018/2019 Strategic Work Plan, please contact:

Ken Kuntz, Director Parks, Recreation & Culture Department
t: 604-952-3537

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