Day One - Questions and Answers

View questions from speakers and responses from staff and questions received from Council from day one (Tuesday, November 26) of the 75A High Rise Public Hearing.

High Rise Development Application at 75A Avenue and 120 Street


Following the conclusion of the Public Hearing regarding the 75A Avenue High Rise proposal on November 27, Council postponed the decision on the project to the next Regular Meeting of Council. At the December 2, 2019 Regular Meeting, Council voted to deny the proposal.

A copy of the Council Report for this application is available here.

Revised Application

In April 2019, the applicant revised the application to include an affordable housing component which would see 70 units (20%) offered under the Affordable Home Ownership Program in partnership with BC Housing.  The building form and height remain the same, but the total number of dwelling units has increased from 294 to 335.  

Below is a comparison of the December 2018 and April 2019 proposals:

Proposal Date

December 2018

April 2019


35-storey tower on a 4-storey podium and 3-storey townhouses

No change

Floor Space Ratio

4.24 (gross)

No change

Total No. of Units

No. of Apartment Units

No. of Townhouse Units







No. of Affordable* Units


70 (20% of all units)

No. of Adaptable Units

58 (20% of apartment units)

66 (20% of apartment units)

Childcare/ Civic Use Facility

274 m2 (2,949 ft2)

No change


554 parking spaces which exceeded regulations (Scott Road proximity reduction not proposed)

554 parking spaces which meets regulations (including a reduction for Scott Road proximity)

Outdoor Amenity Area

1,753 m2 (18,869 ft2) which exceeded the outdoor amenity requirements of 6 m2 per unit or a total of 1,680 m2 (18,083 ft2) based on the number of apartment units

No change, but the outdoor amenity area does not meet the minimum requirements of 6 m2 per unit or a total of 1,974m2 (21,248 ft2) based on the new number of apartment units

No. of 1 Br/1 Br & Den



Size of 1 Br/1 Br & Den

45.6 m2 – 75.3 m2
(491 ft2 – 811 ft2)

No change

No. of 2 Plus Br



Size of 2 Plus Br

68 m2 – 150 m2
(732 ft2 – 1,615 ft2)

68 m2 – 141.1 m2
(732 ft2 – 1,519 ft2)

Size of Townhouses

101 m2 – 151.3 m2
(1,087 ft2 – 1,629 ft2)

149.7 m2 – 151.2 m2
(1,611 ft2 – 1,628 ft2)

*The Affordable Home Ownership Program is delivered by BC Housing to support the development of new, affordable homes for eligible home buyers. Subject to other home buyer eligibility, the combined gross household income of all individuals on title must not exceed the Middle Income Limit defined by BC Housing:

  1. For residential units with less than two (2) bedrooms, a gross household income that does not exceed the 75th income percentile for coupleswithout children, as determined by BC Housing.For 2019, this figure is $112,410.
  2. For residential units with two (2) or more bedrooms, a gross household income that does not exceed the 75th income percentile for families with children, as determined by BC Housing.For 2019, this figure is $155,510.

A copy of the City of Delta’s June 2019 mail out to residents is available here.

Location Map



The purpose of this application is to permit the properties at 7551, 7565, 7595 and 7597 120 Street and 7592 119A Street and portion of road to be closed to be consolidated and developed into a mixed-use project with a 35-storey residential building with commercial, and childcare/civic use space at the ground level, and a separate building with six 3-storey townhouse units. A total of 335 residential units is proposed of which 70 apartment units would be offered under the Affordable Home Ownership Program in partnership with BC Housing. A new access lane would be established at the north end of the development site. The new lane would provide access to the underground parking and would accommodate vehicle movements to and from 119A Street and right in/out access to and from 120 Street. 

The following are components of this application:

  1. Official Community Plan Amendment
    • To change the land use designation on Schedule A from Multi-Unit Residential (MR) to Mixed-Use (MU); and
    • To change the land use designation on the North Delta Future Land Use Plan in Schedule C.1 from Medium Density Residential (Scott Road) (MDR(SR)) to Mixed-Use (North Delta) 5 (MU(ND)5).
  2. Rezoning
    • To rezone the subject properties from Duplex/Single Detached Residential 3 (RD3) to a Comprehensive Development Zone No. 9 (CDZ9) to permit a 35-storey mixed-use building containing 329 apartment units, 82 m2 (885 ft2) of commercial space, and 274 m2 (2,949ft2) of childcare/civic use space and a separate building with six 3-storey townhouse units along 119A Street for a total of 335 residential units.
  3. Development Permit for Form and Character
    • The property is located within the Scott Road Corridor Development Permit Area. This development permit area contains guidelines for the form and character of buildings and landscaping.
  4. Development Variance Permit

    The following provisions of "Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 7600, 2017" are proposed to be varied:
    • Section 6.2.5 by reducing the minimum building setback for an exterior side lot line from the centre line of 120 Street from 18.5 m (61 ft) to 17.5 m (57 ft) for the building canopy.
    • Section 7.7.3(a) by reducing the minimum amount of common outdoor amenity space for an apartment building from 6 m2 (65 ft2) per unit, or a total of 1,974 m2 (21,248 ft2), to 5.3 m2 (57 ft2) per unit or a total of 1,753 m2 (18,869 ft2).
    • Section 9.2.1 by reducing the minimum number of loading spaces from 2 to 1.
  5. Road Closure
    • To close an approximate 165.3 m2 (1,779 ft2) portion of the lane way between the rear portion of the properties at 7592 119A Street and 7595 and 7597 120 Street.
  6. Subdivision
    • To consolidate the five subject properties and portion of lane way to be closed into one development site.

Contact Information

Tanya Mitchner
t: 604-952-3472
f: 604-946-4148

Aloke Chowdhury, Hari Homes Incorporated
t: 604-593-5568

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