High Rise Development Application at 75A Avenue and 120 Street (On Hold)


At the request of the applicant, the application for the high rise development is on hold until 2019. 

Comments received on this application will be summarized and paraphrased in a report to Council should the application be forwarded for their consideration.  If you would prefer to have the Mayor and Council receive your comments directly, please email mayor-council@delta.ca.

Location Map


The purpose of this application is to permit the properties at 7551, 7565, 7595 and 7597 120 Street and 7592 119A Street to be consolidated and developed into a mixed-use project with a 35-storey residential building with commercial space, day care space and townhouse units at the ground level.  Access is proposed from 119A Street, and the majority of parking would be underground. The following are components of this application:

  1. Official Community Plan Amendment
    • To change the land use designation in Schedule A from Multi-Unit Residential (MR) to Mixed-Use (MU); and
    • To change the land use designation in the North Delta Future Land Use Plan in Schedule C.1 from Medium Density Residential (Scott Road) (MDR(SR)) to Mixed-Use (North Delta) 5 (MU(ND)5).
  2. Rezoning
    • To rezone the subject properties from Duplex/Single Detached Residential 3 (RD3) to a Comprehensive Development Zone to permit a 35-storey mixed-use building containing 280 apartment units, 8 ground level townhouse units, 75.1 m2 (809 ft2) of commercial space (e.g. coffee shop) and 274.2 m2 (2,952 ft2) of day care space. Six townhouse dwelling units are also proposed along 119A Street for a total of 294 units.
  3. Development Permit for Form and Character
    • The property is located within the Scott Road Corridor Development Permit Area. This development permit area contains guidelines for the form and character of buildings and landscaping.
  4. Road Closure
    • To close an approximate 163.3 m2 (1,779 ft2) portion of the lane way between the rear portion of the properties at 7592 119A Street and 7595 and 7597 120 Street.
  5. Subdivision
    • To consolidate the five subject properties and portion of lane way to be closed into one development site.

Contact Information

Tanya Mitchner
t: 604-952-3472
f: 604-946-4148
e: tmitchner@delta.ca 

Aloke Chowdhury, Hari Homes Incorporated
t: 604-593-5568
e: harihomes.act@gmail.com

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