Hunter Road Apartment Building

Location:  1217, 1225, 1235, 1237 and 1243 Hunter Road
File Number:  LU008359


A Public Information Meeting was hosted by the City of Delta on Wednesday, June 5, 2019. A copy of Delta’s presentation boards are available here.


BURO47 Architecture Inc. has applied to the City of Delta for permission to consolidate the subject properties into one parcel in order to develop a 40-unit, 4-storey apartment building with 2 levels of underground parking, accessed from Hunter Road.

Aerial Map

Hunter Road_Aerial Map

Location Map

Hunter Road_Location Map

Photo Renderings

Building View Along Hunter Street

Hunter Rd-rendering1

Hunter Road Elevation

Hunter Rd-rendering2

In order to facilitate this development, the following are required:

  • Official Community Plan amendment to exempt the subject properties from the maximum residential density provision of 90 units per hectare (36 units per acre), or 112 units per hectare (45 units per acre) if a significant public amenity is provided, under the Mixed-Use (Tsawwassen 2) (MU(T)2) designation in Schedule D.1 Tsawwassen Area Plan in order to allow a maximum density of 118 units per hectare (48 units per acre).
  • Rezoning from Single Detached Residential 1 (RS1) to Apartment Residential 120 (RA120).
  • A development variance permit to vary:
    • principal building setbacks; and
    • setbacks for roof eaves and gutters, balconies and balcony structural supports.
  • A development permit to address the form and character of the proposed development, which would be located in the Tsawwassen Town Centre (SD1A) Development Permit Area.
  • Consolidation of the five subject properties into one development site.

Reports and Related Documents

Contact Information

Alex Cauduro
t: 604-952-3163
f: 604-946-4148

Wesley Wollin, BURO47 Architecture Inc.
t: 604-943-1213

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