Ladner Willows

Location:  5625 Ladner Trunk Road
File Number:  LU008942


A resident notification letter regarding the application proposal was sent on July 10, 2019 to the surrounding property owners and residents as per the location map below.  A copy of the resident notification letter can be viewed here.


DYS Architecture has applied to the City of Delta for permission to redevelop Ladner Willows into a four-storey non-market rental apartment building accommodating 136 housing units.

Aerial Map


Location Map


Application Details

In order to facilitate this development, the following are required:

  • Amendment to the Official Community Plan by changing the land use designation from Residential Ground-Oriented (RG) to a new medium density residential designation to allow a maximum density of 175 units per hectare (71 units per acre) resulting in an increase of 88 additional units over the 48 units currently permitted;
  • Rezoning from Comprehensive Development Zone No. 139 (C.D. 139) to a new Apartment Residential 180 Zone (RA180);
  • A development variance permit to vary minimum setbacks, height and resident and visitor parking requirements in the new Apartment Residential 180 Zone (RA180);
  • A development permit to address form and character of the proposed development which is located in the Ladner Village (LV1) Development Permit Area; and
  • Relocation of an existing statutory right-of-way for pedestrian and vehicular access from the central portion of the site to the north portion of the site.

Photo Renderings


Reports and Related Documents

Contact Information

Alex Cauduro
t: 604-952-3163

Amanda Morgan, DYS Architecture
t: 604-909-9834

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