72 Avenue Roadway and Utility Improvements (BNSF Overpass to 120 Street)



Delta staff has developed a conceptual design for 72 Avenue between 120 Street (Scott Road) and the BNSF Overpass to address congestion and safety issues along the corridor.

Based on feedback from residents during the first public consultation in February 2018, the design has been revised to include dedicated left turn lanes at signalized intersections, hatch marks at York Place and Blake Drive to improve access, and safety improvements at Heath Elementary including access enhancements. The revised conceptual design for the proposed improvements along 72 Avenue is attached for information.

The proposed improvements along 72 Avenue include:

  • Four travel lanes with dedicated turning lanes from the BNSF overpass to 120 Street (Scott Road);
  • New grass boulevard and concrete sidewalk on both sides of 72 Avenue;
  • New traffic signal at 72 Avenue and Westview Drive;
  • New traffic signal at 72 Avenue and 113 Street;
  • Intersection improvements at 112 Street and 116 Street;
  • New decorative street lighting;
  • Drainage improvements including rain gardens at select locations; and,
  • Roadway repaving.

Public Consultation

The first Public Information Meeting with City staff was held in February 2018. The design has since been revised based on residents feedback.

The second Public Information Meeting with City staff was held on May 23, 2019. Poster boards and plan drawings from the second Public Information Meeting are attached for information.

Photo Renderings

72 Avenue between 112 Street and Heath Elementary School facing East



72 Avenue between Westview Drive and 112 Street facing West




Reports and Related Documents

Contact Information

For more information, please email the Engineering Department or call 604-946-3260.

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