Multi-Family Residential Development Application at 6950 Nicholson Road


December 6, 2018:

The application has been revised as follows:

  • The number of dwelling units has increased from 181 to 188.
  • The density of the west portion of the site has increased to 260 uph (units per hectare), accordingly the requested site-specific exemption to the maximum permitted density under the Medium Density Residential (Scott Road) land use designation will need to increase from 240 uph (units per hectare) to 260 uph (units per hectare).
  • The driveway has been redesigned to allow for a future vehicular connection north to 70 Ave.
  • A development variance permit is required to vary the total number of parking stalls from 256 to 248.
  • The private outdoor amenity space has been modified. 

Revised drawings can be viewed in the "Applicant Display Boards" document found at the bottom of this webpage under Reports and Related Documents.


Realco Holdings (Scottsdale) Ltd. has applied to the City of Delta for permission to develop two, six-storey apartment buildings with a combined total of 181 units. The development would include 237 residential parking spaces and 27 visitor parking spaces located in an underground structure, and vehicular access to the site would be from Nicholson Road.

Location Map


In order to facilitate this development the following is required:

  • Official Community Plan Amendment to the North Delta Area Plan in order to exempt the west portion of the site from the maximum density of 200 units per hectare (80 units per acre) and allow for a site specific density of 240 units per hectare (97 units per acre). Note that the east portion of the site complies with the land use designation included in the North Delta Area Plan.
  • Rezoning from Core Commercial (C1) to Apartment Residential 240 (RA240) on the west portion of the site and Apartment Residential 400 (RA400) for the east portion of the site.
  • Development Variance Permit to vary the following:
    • The minimum amount of required common outdoor amenity space from 1,068 m2 (11,496 ft2)  to 737 m2 (7,933 ft2).
    • The maximum amount of small car spaces for visitors from 25 percent to 40 percent.
  • Development Permit to address the Scott Road Corridor development permit area form and character guidelines.

Reports and Related Documents

November 2018:

July 2018:

Application Drawings:

Contact Information

Jimmy Ho
t: 604-946-3331
f: 604-946-4148

Jit Sangha, Realco Holdings (Scottsdale) Ltd.
t: 604-590-0149

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