Zoning Bylaw Review

Delta is currently undertaking a comprehensive zoning bylaw review, which will result in an up to date bylaw and changes to certain land use regulations. 

Delta’s existing Zoning Bylaw was adopted nearly 40 years ago and since then has been amended in a patchwork fashion, resulting in a document that does not work well as a cohesive land use bylaw and does not reflect contemporary land use standards.

What is the purpose of the Zoning Bylaw?

  • To regulate the use and development that may take place on a piece of property in the municipality
  • To maintain harmony of land uses through zoning
  • To implement policies in the Official Community Plan

What does the Zoning Bylaw regulate?

It regulates the following aspects of land and development:

  • Land use
  • Size and height of buildings and structures
  • Setbacks
  • Lot size and dimensions
  • In-ground basements
  • Landscaping and fencing
  • Secondary suites
  • Parking and loading
  • Other aspects such as home occupations, urban agriculture and impermeable area

How does the Zoning Bylaw regulate development? 

It regulates land use and development by establishing different zones, each with different sets of requirements:

  • Agricultural
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Mixed Use
  • Industrial
  • Public and Institutional
  • Shoreline
  • Comprehensive Development  (zoning specific to a particular site or development)

Why update the Zoning Bylaw?

The goal of the comprehensive review of the Zoning Bylaw is to bring forward an updated bylaw in a new, user-friendly and streamlined format, reflecting modern land use standards, and meeting the current and anticipated needs of Delta.  Key components of the review involve:

  • Developing a Zoning Bylaw that reflects modern land use standards, and meets the current and anticipated needs of our communities;
  • Delivering an effective, user-friendly Zoning Bylaw that is easy to interpret and use by staff, developers and the public, and incorporates graphics as a means of presenting and clarifying regulations;
  • Ensuring that the Zoning Bylaw is consistent with the Delta’s Official Community Plan, the Subdivision and Development Standards Bylaw, and other land use and development related bylaws and policies, as applicable;
  • Incorporating specific regulations that promote healthy communities;
  • Incorporating specific regulations that reduce the demand for energy and carbon emissions to meet provincial requirements; and
Delivering a digital version of the Zoning Bylaw that utilizes hyperlinks for easy cross-referencing.


The Work Plan

What's proposed in the Zoning Bylaw review?

User Friendliness and Streamlining

  • Consolidate and rename zones
  • Reorganize and streamline regulations
  • Update language and regulations to reflect current industry practices
  • Incorporate departmental policies into zoning


  • Reduced parking requirements along the Scott Road corridor
  • New tandem parking regulations
  • New bike parking regulations
  • New electric vehicle parking and charging infrastructure requirements
  • New car sharing incentives


  •  Increase front yard landscaping requirement for wider single detached and duplex lots
  • New landscaping requirements for surface parking lots
  • New front yard tree requirements

Single Detached/Duplex Residential

  •  Clarify in-ground basement regulations
  • Incorporate 15 metre minimum lot width for secondary suites and clarify suite parking requirements
  • Allow half-storey attic where there is no basement
  • Add a new overall house size and garage cap in North Delta
  • Add new regulations for accessory structures

Commercial and Industrial

  • Clarify permitted commercial uses, e.g. financial institution, health care office, restaurant & liquor primary establishment
  • Introduce new permitted industrial uses - brewery and distillery
  • Introduce new regulations for caretaker and watchman dwelling units
  • Formalize outdoor amenity space requirements for industrial uses

Multi-Unit Residential 

  • New adaptable dwelling unit requirements
  • New garbage and recycling storage space requirements
  • New indoor and outdoor amenity space requirements

Reports and Related Documents

For more information, email zoning.review@delta.ca, or contact Laura Ryan, Lead Planner, at 604-946-3395.

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