Annacis Island Traffic Congestion

Traffic Congestion on Alex Fraser Bridge

The B.C. government unveiled a multi-step plan to help unclog congestion on the Alex Fraser Bridge and Highway 91. View the media release from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  


Annacis Island Traffic Management Options


While we continue to work with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to find long-term solutions to the Annacis Island traffic congestion, Delta Council approved of staff recommendations regarding the proposed Annacis Island Traffic Management Options. The staff recommended option (Option 1) is for the Signalization of Southbound Right Turn Access, which would include a traffic signal located on the Highway 91 southbound off ramp at Cliveden Avenue, along with a red light camera. Option 1 could be implemented within six weeks, with the other two options (a Smart Gate for Southbound Right Turn or a Smart Gate for all Southbound Traffic), taking up to 12 months to implement. In the interim, additional traffic control staff will be maintained at private business driveways to assist Delta Police and Bylaws staff with targeted enforcement until Option 1 can be implemented. View the staff report.  

On September 22, 2016, Mayor Lois E. Jackson sent a letter to the Annacis Island Business Owners regarding the proposed Annacis Island Traffic Management options. View the Mayor's letter.

From Monday to Friday, 3 – 6 PM, in concert with Delta Police enforcement, temporary traffic control and turn restrictions have been implemented on a trial basis at various locations along Cliveden Avenue to curtail short cutting traffic from turning around in private driveways and side streets. Please be aware of the flag persons and officers.

Delta has received a significant amount of correspondence regarding Annacis Island and the Alex Fraser Bridge traffic congestion. While Delta appreciates the continued feedback on the matter, staff also encourage residents to share their concerns with Minister Todd Stone, MLA Scott Hamilton, and Ministry staff.

The Honourable Todd Stone
Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

Scott Hamilton, MLA
Delta North

Thomas Chhun, A/District Manager, Transportation
Lower Mainland District | South Coast Region
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
T 604 527 2228 | E

As the bridge, highways and adjacent roads are under the Province’s jurisdiction, Delta has also requested that the Ministry consider other options including a time activated smart gate to restrict southbound right turn off Highway 91 at Cliveden Avenue, as well as a two-week trial restriction of this turn lane between 3 and 6 pm. Delta has proposed that during this trial changeable message boards to be posted on Highway 91 at Graybar Road and at the Cliveden Avenue intersection to provide drivers with advance notification of the trial.

On Monday, February 22, 2016, Delta Council endorsed a report presented by our Chief Administrative Officer, George Harvie, outlining Delta’s recommendations and actions to help reduce traffic congestion on the Island. These include:

  • Allocating $130,000 from the Council Contingency for additional Delta Police enforcement on Annacis Island, Monday to Friday, 3pm–6pm, for up to one year.
  • Mayor Jackson, along with Scott Hamilton, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Delta-North, to meet with the Honourable Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, to request the implementation of the southbound right-turn restriction on Highway 91 and to review the Province’s tolling policy.
  • Amend Delta Highways Bylaw 6922 so that revenue generated from Annacis Island traffic management fines can be used to support additional targeted enforcement campaigns (concurrent amendments to the Municipal Ticketing Information and Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaws).
  • Amend Delta Highways Bylaw 6922 to restrict overnight commercial vehicle parking on any highway in Delta.

Delta Police has already initiated targeted traffic enforcement on Annacis Island, and from February 15–17, 2016, issued $7,500 in tickets. With each ticket, Delta Police explained to the offenders that enforcement activities will continue and advised them to stop using the shortcut.

We are committed to working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to develop mitigation measures and a meeting has been requested with Minister Todd Stone to present our strategy and discuss traffic concerns and regional tolling options.

We encourage you to send further feedback and comments directly to the Mayor's Office.

Please note that staff are reviewing every suggestion and will act immediately. Further updates will be provided in April.


Traffic congestion on Annacis Island has steadily gotten worse over the years due to a combination of issues:

  • Commuters are bypassing traffic by taking the Annacis Island exit, causing delays, congestion, safety and road rage incidents
  • Alex Fraser Bridge no longer has room to accommodate more southbound traffic in the evening rush because it is at capacity
  • Queues at the bridge are getting longer and rush “hour” often lasts between two and three hours each day in each direction
  • As Alex Fraser Bridge does not have a toll, it is an increasingly attractive option for commuters

Public Consultation

In February 2016, Delta Engineering and Delta Police representatives visited businesses on-site to discuss solutions. On Friday, February 12, 2016, Mayor Lois E. Jackson held a breakfast meeting with Annacis Island businesses and staff to address traffic congestion issues.

Reports and Related Documents


For more information, please email the Engineering Department or call 604-946-3260.

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