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BNSF Railway Company's Proposed North Colebrook Siding Extension

Jan 29, 2014

At the January 27, 2014 Regular Meeting, Delta Council considered a report and resolved to:

  • Send a letter to BNSF requesting that public consultation be undertaken and that Delta's safety and environmental concerns be addressed during BNSF's formal notification
  • Send a letter to the Federal Minister of the Environment, requesting that the proposed siding extension be considered a reviewable project under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

View the staff report containing the full list of recommendations as amended by Council and the staff presentation.

At the January 6, 2014 Regular Meeting, Delta Council considered a report on the BNSF Railway Company's proposed siding extension and approved recommendations for staff to seek drainage conveyance improvements and address pedestrian safety.


BNSF Railway Company owns and operates a rail line from the continental United States to the Lower Mainland. This line, established in 1909, is a major corridor for goods transported between Port Metro Vancouver and the United States, including coal, oil, Canadian softwood lumber, paper products, and general merchandise.

BNSF Railway Company constructed a siding along this line in 2008, from the Delta-Surrey border at Highway 99, to south of 64 Avenue in North Delta. In order to increase capacity and provide growth opportunities within their regional service area, BNSF Railway Company has made Delta aware of its intention to construct a siding extension from south of 64 Avenue to north of 72 Avenue (approximately three kilometres). In the future, BNSF Railway Company has also indicated that an additional siding extension is planned from north of 72 Avenue to the Fraser Surrey Docks (approximately six kilometres in North Delta). These siding extensions will allow BNSF to move trains off its main line, allowing other rail traffic to utilize the corridor without interruption. 

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