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Multiple Overdose Incidents in South Delta

Sep 01, 2016

In the early hours of September 1, 2016, Delta Fire & Emergency Services responded to multiple overdoses at three different scenes in a 20-minute period. All victims reported respiratory problems, with one patient experiencing full cardiac arrest. Delta Fire, Delta Police, and British Columbia Ambulance Service crews attended these scenes and worked together to administer Naloxone in each case. The ability to respond quickly with the right tools was instrumental in saving these patients.

Delta’s firefighters are trained and licensed to provide enhanced on-scene emergency medical care at the Emergency Medical Responder level, and have provided these services to Delta residents since June 2015.

As a response to the significant increase in drug overdose deaths in the region, Delta Fire has worked with BC Emergency Health Services to train its first responders in the use of Naloxone, an effective antagonist for opioid drug overdoses if administered in a timely manner. With the support of Mayor and Council, as of August 3, 2016, Delta Fire & Emergency Services has been trained in the proper administration of Naloxone to increase public safety and protect against drug-related incidents similar to the cases witnessed today.

Today’s incident shows that many drug users are unprepared for and unaware of the dangers of drugs like Fentanyl. Fire Chief Dan Copeland echoes Chief Constable Niel Dubord’s comments to remind drug users to stay safe. We are thankful that today’s outcome was positive for these patients.

Dan Copeland
Fire Chief