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Delta Fire Hazard Rating Lowered to High

Aug 13, 2018

The Fire Hazard Rating for the municipality of Delta has been lowered to HIGH.

During this time, Delta parks are open to the public, but we need your cooperation and compliance with the fire rating and the posted signs and guidelines, which include:

  • A ban on campfires and all open air fires
  • A ban on briquette BBQs and cooking stoves
  • No smoking in any of Delta’s parks or trails
  • No wandering off-trail, please stay on trails at all times, and
  • Please be aware of all spark sources.

Our summer parks patrol staff have been deployed to the Delta Nature Reserve, Watershed Park and the North 40 to keep an eye out for any prohibited activities. Let’s work together to keep our community safe! And remember to report all fires to 9-1-1 immediately.