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Information Memos Available to Public

Jul 19, 2019

In addition to Council Reports, Information Memos are a method for staff to provide Council with information. While Council Reports typically provide staff recommendations for Council consideration, Information Memos are usually shorter documents that provide timely information for Council. For example, they might include an update on a road construction project or follow up information requested by Council at a previous Council meeting.

The City of Delta continually seeks opportunities to increase the openness and transparency of government. Earlier this year we added live streaming of Council meetings in North Delta and going forward we are making Information Memos from staff to Council publicly available on Deltaviews. Every week, we will provide a link to that week’s Information Memos on and on social media.

We hope that this change in process will be a benefit for the public who want additional information about the City of Delta as we continually work to improve transparency wherever possible.