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July 15, 2019 Council Meeting Highlights

Jul 19, 2019

Council Highlights provide an informal summary of key decisions made by Delta Council at each Regular Meeting. The City Clerk provides the complete, formal documentation of Council meetings referred to as minutes.


Boundary Bay Airshow, Saturday July 20, 2019

Council received a presentation on this year’s Boundary Bay Airshow happening on Saturday, July 20. The City of Delta and Alpha Aviation are proud to welcome the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and CF-18 Hornet Demonstration Team to the Airshow for the first time ever! On-site Airshow parking passes must be purchased in advance online (and printed) at Free off-site parking with free shuttle bus service to and from the show is also available. Gates open at 11am and the show starts at noon. View the presentation.


Delta’s Closing Remarks Approved for Submission to Review Panel at Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Public Hearing

Council approved the submission of Delta’s closing remarks to the Review Panel with respect to the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project (RBT2), including that the environmental review assessment process for RBT2 not proceed any further until:

  • A new crossing is in place to address traffic congestion at the George Massey Tunnel;
  • There is greater certainty and consensus regarding impacts on critical habitats and endangered species, including biofilm, migratory shorebirds and the southern resident killer whales, and the effectiveness of proposed mitigation measures;
  • There is greater certainty regarding the need and appropriateness of RBT2 to address Canada’s trading needs; and
  • The Deltaport Fourth Berth proposal has been fully assessed as an alternative to RBT2.

Should RBT2 be approved, Delta also requests that the following be addressed:

  • A multi-jurisdictional port policing authority be established to address organized crime and illegal goods movement through the port;
  • That steps be taken to expedite the establishment of a world class spill response program in BC before RBT2 becomes operational;
  • That the most stringent standards be employed to mitigate the environmental and community impacts relating to lighting, noise and air emissions from the terminal construction and operation as well as from the ships, trains and trucks using the terminal;
  • That Delta be involved in the development, review and approval of environmental management plans and mitigation strategies for the project; and
  • That all steps be taken to protect and mitigate any impacts on agricultural land in Delta.

On May 15, 2019 Mayor Harvie presented Delta’s concerns on behalf of Delta to the Review Panel at the RBT2 Public Hearing. View Mayor Harvie’s presentation and the staff report.


Deltassist Family & Community Services Agreement

A one-year service agreement between the City and Deltassist was approved by Council, along with a recommendation to refer the issue of funding levels for Deltassist and other community social service providers to Delta’s annual business and financial planning workshop. View the staff report.


Delta Flood Management Strategy Endorsed

Council received a staff presentation on Delta’s flood management strategy and approved the continued implementation of this strategy to reduce the short and long term flood risks in the community, including raising the dikes by 0.6 metres or more by 2050. Staff will undertake ongoing public consultation to seek feedback on the flood management strategy. View the staff report and the staff presentation.


Report on Admiral Boulevard Traffic Review Presented

Council received an update on the Admiral Boulevard traffic review, which was conducted in response to concerns regarding traffic volume and speeds. Staff findings concluded that no additional traffic calming measures are required at this time. Council endorsed a recommendation for enforcement activities along Admiral Boulevard to target southbound vehicles destined for River Road. View the staff report.


Contract Awarded for Ongoing Southlands Agricultural Improvement Work

Council awarded a contract to Brent Kelly Farms Inc., for agricultural land improvement works and soil spreading along fields three and four in the Southlands. These works are part of the preparation of approximately 45 acres for future land improvements to increase its productivity. This work is funded by the Developer’s contribution of $9 million towards agricultural improvements. View the staff report.


Delta Seeking Long-Term Annual Funding for Local Channel Dredging

Council received an update on the local channel dredging program and approved a recommendation to send letters to the Premier of BC and the Minister of Fisheries & Oceans Canada regarding the urgent need to establish dedicated annual funding for dredging local channels of the lower Fraser River. View the staff report.

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Final Federal Regulations on Cannabis Edibles, Extracts & Topicals

Council received information regarding the new federal regulations governing the production and sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and cannabis topicals, which come into effect on October 17, 2019. The regulations have been amended to address concerns regarding the visual appeal of cannabis edibles to children and are generally consistent with Council’s direction. Staff will continue to report back to Council on the broader issue of policing and enforcement of Cannabis regulations. View the staff report.



Important Dates & Reminders

  • July 29 –  Regular Meeting of Council at City Hall
  • July 30 –  Public Hearing at City Hall
  • August 5 –  City Hall closed for British Columbia Day

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George V. Harvie, Mayor