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Delta Council Seeks Fairness in Regulations for Taxis and Ride Hailing Services

Sep 17, 2019

At the September 16, 2019 Regular Meeting, Delta Council rejected a motion to oppose the Passenger Transportation Board’s policies around ride hailing in British Columbia.

Delta residents have faced significant challenges with transportation. The community of Delta as a whole is under served by public transit, and Deltans getting stranded in Vancouver at night is common due to the lack of transit and antiquated taxi regulations. The impending arrival of ride hailing companies will help improve transportation options for Delta residents. However, regulations for ride hailing companies and for taxis need to be fair and equitable.

I am in full support of ride hailing. The motion brought forward by Councillor Lois Jackson would have sought to stop the roll out of ride hailing services, and as the Mayor I cannot support any motion that is detrimental to Delta families.  I support any solution that improves the ability for Deltans to get home safely at all hours. My only concern is that there is fairness in requirements by the Provincial Government for ride hailing services and our taxi industry. I will be sending a letter to the Premier, the Minister of Transportation, and the Passenger Transportation Board asking them to establish a level playing field for the taxi industry during the roll out of ride hailing services. My goal is to ensure that all Delta residents have access to safe and effective transportation services. ”                                    

 - George V. Harvie, Mayor

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