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Delta is Ready to Respond to Uncertain Weather Events

Jan 15, 2020

Delta crews are fully engaged with snow and ice clearing and are utilizing all available equipment to provide safe transportation throughout the community. In addition to these efforts, crews are preparing to respond to the risk of a potential storm surge in Boundary Bay.

Forecasted strong winds overnight and into tomorrow morning, combined with existing weather uncertainties, ice and debris in Boundary Bay pose a potential risk for a storm surge that could affect the communities of Beach Grove and Boundary Bay.

To coordinate the response to the uncertainties around these events, Mayor George V. Harvie has requested that Delta’s Emergency Operations Centre be set up. In addition to the response by Delta crews, residents in these areas are encouraged to make their own preparations as required and residents throughout Delta should be prepared for risks associated with high winds, including the potential loss of power.

The City will continue to provide updates as they become known and the forecast offers more certainty about the expected weather. For the most current updates related to these uncertain weather events, please follow @CityofDeltaBC on Twitter or Facebook.

For more information on this news release and all media requests, please contact the Mayor’s Office by telephone at 604-946-3210 or e-mail