Public Consultation launches for 2023 Development Cost Charges Program

The City of Delta is in the process of reviewing and updating its Development Cost Charges (DCCs) to reflect new growth projections, development-driven infrastructure projects and current-day construction costs. As part of this process, we invite stakeholders and the public to participate in the consultation for Delta’s proposed 2023 DCC Program, which runs until November 30, 2023. To provide your input, visit

What are DCCs?

DCCs are fees collected from land developers to help fund the cost of the new infrastructure and parks needed to service new development. DCCs help ensure developers pay their fair share of the costs required to develop new infrastructure and park improvements.

Delta's Proposed 2023 DCC Program

Delta’s proposed 2023 DCC Program includes transportation, water, sanitary sewer, drainage, and parks projects needed to support the additional demands generated by new residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and agricultural development in Delta. Growth projections and capital infrastructure project costs were used to calculate the proposed 2023 DCC rates presented in Table A1 and A2.

The City proposes to phase-in the 2023 DCC rates over two years using the Municipal Assist Factor - a 20% Municipal Assist Factor will be used in the first year after the adoption of Delta Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 7560, 2017 Amendment Bylaw No. 8292, 2023, and a 1% Municipal Assist Factor will be used in year two and beyond. 

Visit our project page to provide feedback at:

Land Use Category Changes

The proposed 2023 DCC Program includes a shift in the units of charge for Industrial, Industrial-Annacis, and Agriculture-Intensive DCCs from hectares of gross site area to square metres of gross floor area. This approach is consistent with the Province’s DCC Best Practices Guide and mirrors the floor area calculations used by Metro Vancouver / GVS&DD and TransLink.

The proposed 2023 DCC Program also includes an Institutional DCC rate consistent with the Province’s DCC Best Practices Guide and the current practice of most Metro Vancouver cities.

Want to provide feedback on the 2023 DCC Rates?
  • Visit our project page at to provide your input via an online feedback form. Please note, consultation closes November 30, 2023.
  • Questions? Contact Paula Kolisnek, Senior Corporate Policy Analyst, by e-mail at or call 604-952-3142. 
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