Delta Virtual Triathlon

The Delta Virtual Triathlon will be happening May 7-15, 2022. It will consist of three components; swimming, biking, and running. The swim component is pre-registered and is happening at the Ladner Outdoor Pool. Participants will be allotted a 30-minute time slot in the pool to complete their swim.

The bike and run components are to be completed on your own time and may be completed on the same day or another day, within the two-week time frame. We have provided suggested bike and run routes, which can be found below.  If you choose to use one of suggested routes, please be aware that use of the Delta Secondary Track priority is given to school and community user group events.

We encourage participants to use their own timing devices, as professional timing is not provided.

This event is perfect for the whole family from ages 3 years and up! This virtual event has been sanctioned by Triathlon BC.  

Suggested distances are as follows;

  • Sprint Triathlon: 600m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run
  • Tri It Triathlon: 300m Swim, 10km Bike, 2.5km Run
  • Youth Triathlon (12-15yrs): 300m Swim, 6km Bike, 2km Run
  • Pre-teen Triathlon (8-11yrs): 100m Swim, 3km Bike, 1km Run
  • Kids Triathlon (6-7yrs): 25m Swim, 1.5km Bike, 500m Run
  • Mini Kids Triathlon (3-5yrs): 20m Swim, 500m Bike, 100m Run


We are able to accommodate 200 participants in total. Once you register you can decide what distance you would like to complete. You don’t have to notify us.

In order to differentiate lane allocation in the swimming pool, we have divided the event into two program names;

  1. Delta Virtual Triathlon: 8 years and up
  2. Delta Virtual Triathlon KIDS: 3-7 years (Participants will be allocated the first two lanes in the shallow end of the pool). Please note: parent participation IN the water is mandatory, despite swimmers' ability*

Four lanes are available with 4 people maximum per lane. Kids will be able to complete the swim in the shallow two lanes, where adults can touch.

Registration Date (Delta Residents):

  •  March 15, 2022

Registration Date (Non-Delta Residents):

  •  March 29, 2022

Registration Fees:

  • $25 per person

For more information, contact the Race Director at

Available Times

The following dates and times are available to complete your swim;