Benjamin, Presa Canario, Brindle and White, Male, Approx. 4.5 years old
Neutered Male
Approx. 4.5 years old
Brindle and White

Meet Benny!

This handsome fella came into our care as a stray who was never reclaimed. While he struggles with being in a kennel, ending up at the shelter was a blessing in disguise for Benny! Upon arrival, Benny had severely infected ears and skin. With the help of a hypoallergenic diet and proper care, Benny became a new dog!

He’s an absolute joy and loves to be around people. He may even be okay with another dog or cat in the home (with a slow proper introduction). Since he came in as a stray, we have limited history on him but we did learn that he was sick as a puppy and missed out on normal socialization. What we can take away from this, is that’s it’s essential to continue to give him positive experiences in life.

At the shelter, we have been working on cooperative care and it’s important for his future family invests time into continuing this training. Due to his ears being very painful, he became sensitive to handling them so giving him autonomy over grooming is essential to help undo any trauma he experienced.

Since Benny has a mysterious and unknown past, we are looking to place him in an adult only home. For more information on Benny, email