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Introducing… Flurry!

Flurry is a beautiful domestic pigeon that was found in North Delta after a blizzardy February storm. Flurry took a bit to settle in at the shelter and we feel she was pretty traumatized after her blistery adventure outdoors on her own.

Flurry can be nervous of people but she’s getting better every day, especially since we started housing her alongside our bonded pair of pigeons, Chapman and Kernel. Flurry would do best in a flock with other birds to give her some confidence and comfort.

Pigeons can be long term pets much like other birds and can live up to 20 years so they are a long term commitment! Pigeons are intelligent and gentle birds that are relatively easy to care for although they do require regular cleaning, special balanced diets and enrichment like all other pets.

Flurry has become pretty comfortable and healthy here at the shelter as she has started to lay eggs, telling us she is indeed female. We support birdy birth control by providing her a fake “egg” and additional supplements to support her laying health.

If you have a flock that Flurry could join please apply today at www.delta.ca!