Shar Pei, Tan and White, Neutered Male, 5 years old
Neutered Male
5 years old
Tan and White

Meet Joey!

Originally impounded as a stray dog, Joey was surrendered by his owners as they were unable to provide him with the veterinary care he required. Joey has severe allergies and after many vet visits and a trip to the veterinary dermatologist Joey is now on the mend. Joey will need to continue his special veterinary diet and allergy injections to keep him comfortable, but don’t worry he’s an absolutely angel for them and the shelter can teach you how to give them at home!

Joey is currently enjoying a foster home to avoid having to stay at the shelter. His foster family tells us Joey is an absolute angel in the home and doesn’t have any separation anxiety issues at all. Joey loves going for walks but does get a bit over excited causing some leash biting and mouthing, his adoptive family will need to work with a positive reinforcement trainer to help redirect this behaviour. Joey has been a bit reactive on leash with other dogs so someone physically capable of walking Joey will also be important with ongoing training as he is a strong boy. Joey is good with the children in the home but shouldn’t go home with young kids as he can be a bit of a bulldozer and isn’t very good about controlling his body when in motion.

Joey’s favourite things are food, sleeping by the fireplace and fetch!

Joey’s ears even bounce along with his wagging tail when he’s trotting down the street.

This handsome hunk doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and we can’t wait to find him the perfect forever home who can manage his ongoing medical care.