Black and White

Introducing our Department Store Kittens!

Marcus is the most handsome with his nose freckles but he can get a bit worried and may let out a hiss if he's unsure of you at first. He can be nervous in new environments so a stable home life with a cat experienced family would be best for him. Marcus gets along well with Eaton who can also be a tad bit nervous, he also spends lots of time with his sister Taylor so they could be adopted as a pair.


This colony was found in a North Delta parkade alongside their mom, three daddy cats and EIGHT kittens!  All eight siblings have spent the last few months in a foster home socializing, receiving medical care and getting spayed and neutered! The kittens are now ready to find their forever homes. All of the kittens love to explore and race around the house, they love bird watching and people watching out the windows too!

Their absolute favourite past time is evening couch cuddles with their foster parents, which can get pretty overwhelming when there's eight growing kittens involved!

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