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Meet Nike & Adidas!

These two young, domestic pigeons came to us separately in rough condition. Nike was emaciated and knocking on deaths door and Adidas was very young and barely had full flight feathers. Thankfully, we were able to nurse both birds back to health with adequate shelter and nutrition. Once they cleared quarantine we placed the birds together and it was love at first sight! 

Both birds were anxious at first and took a bit to settle. However, with some time they have grown braver and braver each day, while getting more used to our presence! Due to their rough starts, Nike and Adidas will need a home that could provide them more fly time, to help gain and bring back the muscle lost. With the potential for egg laying we do supplement their diet with calcium to ensure their health.

On sunny days, Nike and Adidas love to spend time on the patio feeling the warm breeze underneath their wings! These two birds are bonded heavily and we would only consider adopting them to a home together!

Pigeons are intelligent and gentle birds that are relatively easy to care for although they do require regular cleaning, special balanced diets and enrichment like all other pets! If you have experience with pigeons, or are curious about adopting one, contact the shelter today!