Pumpkin Domestic Shorthair Orange Tabby Neutered Male
Neutered Male
5 years
Orange Tabby

Meet Pumpkin!

This handsome, ginger boy was found as stray, scavenging for food scraps. He came in looking a little rough with fleas, ear mites and old fight wounds around his face, but since then he’s been treated and neutered! Now all that’s left is to find his perfect forever home!

True to normal ginger fashion, Pumpkin is a big ol’ affection seeker! In fact he’s quite intense with his affections and can come off a little strong. He wants all the attention on him, but at the same time he’s not afraid to let you know when he’s overstimulated or doesn’t want you to stop! He’s the first to give you a little smack or even a nibble to show his displeasure, but not in an aggressive way - he’s just very demanding with what he does and does not want!

Even more than affection, Pumpkin absolutely LOVES meal times! He can be a little bossy when you don’t give him his food on time and is quite the big ‘hoover’. Therefore we have been feeding him in puzzle feeders which he loves! His new home will need to be one that can provide him with lots of space and enrichment to keep him happy and busy! Maybe even a home with a Catio! Due to his quirky personality, we think Pumpkin would do best in an adult-only home.