Rezoning & Subdividing


The Zoning Bylaw No. 7600, 2017 contains specific regulations for the use of land, for the density of development, height, building setbacks and other specific requirements. The rezoning process is to change these regulations.

Any zoning bylaw adopted by Council must be consistent with Delta's Official Community Plan (OCP), which is a statement of the broad objectives and policies concerning the form and character of existing and proposed land uses and servicing requirements in Delta.

Rezoning guides are available for:


Subdivision includes the process of dividing one or more parcels of land into two or more parcels by plan and also includes the adjustment of the lot boundaries of two or more parcels.

The subdivision approval process ensures that each subdivision complies with provincial statues, regulations, and local government bylaws regulating subdivision and zoning. Most subdivisions must be approved by the Municipal Approving Officer. Exceptions are: strata title conversions; a dwelling unit lease greater than 20 years; and a shared interest in land, which must be approved by Council.

In general, a subdivision must:

  • Have adequate road access to the subject property, lands beyond and water bodies
  • Have satisfactory servicing
  • Address potential hazardous conditions and environmental issues
  • Not unreasonably affect the established amenities of adjacent properties
  • Be suited to the configuration of the land
  • Not make future subdivision of adjacent land impractical
  • Not interfere with farms by actions or unnecessarily increase access to the Agricultural Land Reserve

For further information, please see the following guides:

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