City-Owned Property

Lands Management

Lands Management is a division of the Corporate Services Department, responsible for managing the City’s real property portfolio, providing advice and services in respect of land development, leasing, valuation, acquisitions and disposition of real property assets.

These functions support core City operations including infrastructure projects like road and utility improvements, park expansion initiatives, and the provision of community services.

Properties for Sale or Lease

City of Delta manages its real property assets to optimize their use and maximize value to the community. This includes buying, selling and leasing land as appropriate. Proceeds from property sales are reinvested back in the community, with a portion of each sale set aside for future strategic purchases and land development opportunities. As required by the Community Charter, public notice of proposed dispositions of property and improvements is provided here in addition to acquisition and leasing opportunities available to the public.

There are no opportunities available at this time.  Please check back periodically.

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