Local Area Service Program

The Local Area Service Program is a cost-sharing process for conducting neighbourhood improvements, such as street paving and installation of sidewalks, curbs, gutters and storm sewers. The property owners who directly benefit from the project pay a portion of the costs. The City of Delta pays the remaining construction costs. Improvements such as watermain and sanitary sewers are at the full costs of the benefiting parties.

Initiate a Local Area Service

Property owners interested in a Local Area Service can request a petition from the Engineering Department by email or by calling 604-946-3260. A staff member will visit the site to determine the feasibility and cost of the project. If the project is feasible, a package including a petition form, the names and addresses of the owners of property abutting the proposed project, and cost estimates for the project will be mailed.

The initiating residents must obtain signatures on the petition form in favour of the project from at least half of the property owners involved representing one-half of the assessed property value. The other property owners should be familiar with the details of the project because the City of Delta will have sent information letters to all property owners advising of the process and program details.

Before you ask for a petition, it is a good idea to informally poll your neighbours to determine if there is sufficient support. When the petition is complete, it will be certified by the Municipal Clerk and forwarded to Council for approval before the work can be started.

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