Heritage Hangar


The Boundary Bay Airport Heritage Hangar is a very large Second World War-era, heavy timber frame, bow-arched structure. The interior is a large clear-span space, open throughout, with full-height sliding doors that allow each end to be completely opened. As the surrounding farmland is flat, this enormous structure is prominent throughout the area.

Heritage Value

heritage-hangar-photoThe Heritage Hangar is valued as a rare surviving Canadian example of a hangar design from World War II and a symbol of Canada's wartime experience. This structure was one of two constructed in 1941 on a 194 hectare property purchased by the Federal Government for a Royal Canadian Air Force Training School.

The distinctive bow-arched roof, as well as the structure's overall enormous size, has made this Second World War-era hangar a highly visible landmark. Such hangars are increasingly rare, as they are vulnerable to fire and many are redundant for modern airport use.

Restoration Project

The Heritage Hangar at Boundary Bay Airport had deteriorated over time to the point where significant restoration work was required to ensure that it continues to safely function as a hangar for years to come.

The first phase of the project included replacing the rotten structural columns at the west end of the building, replacing the windows on the main doors at each end of the building and re-painting the doors, remediating the main door rail tracks, and replacing the west and east facing siding. Delta Council has approved over $800,000 towards the heritage restoration work.

A future phase of work, targeted for 2016, involved re-roofing the Heritage Hangar.

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